Doing well

I saw my oncologist back in May, and everything looked fine. I thought I ought to write something here but I didn’t. Three months went by and I saw my surgeon at the beginning of this month. Everything looked fine, and I thought I really ought to write something here but again I did not.

I apologize for keeping you all in the dark. I confess that what kept me from writing was this feeling that if I was going to write, I needed to write something profound to make reading this worthwhile. Yesterday the Holy Spirit nudged me, saying, Ruth, your job is to remind them of something profound that I did, not to create what is profound. That is all you need to do. I had created a burden for myself when really, the main thing is that every so often, I am to remind everyone that God did a miracle and almost two and half years have passed and the cancer is still long gone.

So here I am to simply share that I am alive and well. Both my oncologist and my surgeon examined me, did bloodwork, and everything looks good. Every three months they have been checking a couple different tumor markers (CA 125 and CA 19-9 for the medical folks reading). If these blood tests were elevated, it would then warrant further investigation. They have all been normal or only mildly elevated and stable, so there is no concern. My oncologist would like me to have a CT scan when I see her next but is leaving it up to me. My greatest concern with getting CT scans is the radiation exposure, so I have not yet decided what I will do come November.

I am feeling well, other than still feeling overwhelmingly fatigued a couple times a month. My kids know now that when I tell them at dinner time that I need to lie down, they are on their own for a couple of hours until I have the energy to get out of bed. It has been three years now since I finished chemo, and it is frustrating to me to still feel this way. It is not something that brings me down too much though – I am just grateful to be alive. I would appreciate prayers for continued restoration of my health, as well as praise to God for what he has already accomplished.


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