Continuing on the journey

Until this point, I have been using Caring Bridge to share updates on what has been going on medically as well as spiritually throughout this whole journey. But I have been told by a number of people who I love that they brace themselves every time they get an email notification from Caring Bridge saying that there is a new update on my site. For their emotional health’s sake, if anything, I will be moving my writing here. (You’re welcome!). My Caring Bridge site will continue to remain online as long as Caring Bridge lets me keep it there. The link to my site there is in the navigation menu above.

This is a continuation of my story that I began recording on Caring Bridge. There are still so many details left to share, and so much that I would like to tell you. So at the very least, I would like to put flesh on the bones of what I have already shared. I want to talk about miracles, and the skepticism of our day; the things that God has taught me about himself, myself, and reality; how the Holy Spirit ministered to me and spoke to me throughout this whole trial.  I may also have some writings here that have nothing to do with cancer and everything that came with it, which will be a nice change of pace.

To all of you who have cared so wonderfully for us throughout this whole journey – our hearts are so thankful for you. I am so glad to rejoice with you now.

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